February 23th, 2024 Open Mic Night at Mugs Coffee

  • February 23, 2024
  • 6:45 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Mugs Coffee - 5126 Park Road - Charlotte, NC 28209
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Registration is closed


In Partnership with MUGS Coffee - LIVE Event for CWC Members to read their work Friday, September 22nd from 6:45pm - 9pm. Registration is limited to 12 readers who must be members. Each reader will get 10 minutes to read their work.

(You do not need to register to come to listen and support your fellow writers.)

If you register to read you must agree to the following:

You will purchase something - this is how we support Mugs.

You will respect this is a business and public place and part of the skill building experience is to block out distractions. You are not allowed to ask the staff or other customers to be quiet.  

You agree to the considerations listed. If you are unsure if what you want to read is allowed, you will review it with your host before you read.  

This is a great opportunity to share what you've written and gain experience reading in public. This is a necessary skill to promote your writing. Please note: This is NOT a publicity event for our authors. The goal is to support our members as they practice reading in public.

Before registering please read the following consideration:

All work read must be original work read by the author of the piece. All readers must be mindful that this event is open to a general audience, which may include minors, and we do not want anyone to feel excluded, needlessly offended, or unfairly attacked. Although some material may deal with mature or provocative subjects, this is not a religious or political forum or a place for stand-up comedy, pornography, obscenities, or personal rants. We also expect readers to help provide a receptive, supportive audience for each other. While a writer’s material and point of view are open to different interpretations, please show respect to the writer and the work.







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